I just love extra weekdays off from work.  Thank you previous presidents of the United States for being born in February so I can have one less Monday. 😉  While I love my teaching job, I love the days off ALMOST as much!

This year on Presidents Day I did work, just in a different way, in a photo shoot kind of way.  A Sam Houston senior, Marcus, (who was also the homecoming king!) asked me to shoot his senior pictures this year!  We journeyed out to the Mandalay Canal in Las Colinas on the beautiful Monday to shoot some great pictures that can last him a lifetime.

Marcus 1

Look at him looking all sharp and ready to take on the world!
Marcus 2

I love this one of Marcus!  He’s so professional, yet casual and fun at the same time!
Marcus 3

Did I mention that Marcus is also our yearbook editor this year? He has spent several hours in my room this year developing creative background layouts using Photoshop to develop one of our best yearbooks yet!

Marcus 4

I also love this location!  It’s so beautiful and just looks like a fun old village!

Marcus 5

Marcus is officially my male senior rep for Sam Houston this year.  If you happen to land one of his senior rep cards, they’ll get you 10 free wallets when you book a senior session with me!