This last weekend, Cliff and I spent some time at a wonderful golf and spa resort outside of Austin called Barton Creek Resort & Spa.

The whole interior of the resort was very comfortable and elegant at the same time. They did not have any rooms with king sized beds left when we made the reservation (sad day) so we got a room with two queen sized beds.  (Although it was tempting to each have our own queen sized bed to ourselves, but I had not seen Cliff in a few days so we snuggled in one of the beds.) Regardless, those beds were SUPER comfy!  They were topped with feather bed mattress toppers and OH MY! That was SO nice! I’m going to have to get one for our bed at home now.


I loved the large headboards—it made the beds seem so grand and really elevated the height of the ceiling. (Yes, I noticed the mattress on the right side was not lined up with the headboard but I could not move it myself, so it had to stay there.)


I love the combination of the western appeal with the lighter colors.  It seems that most places interpret “western” and “rustic” with dark reds and greens, making the interior seem almost cave like.  I really enjoyed this take on rustic; it made the place seem more posh.


The bathroom was great, with a separate vanity area outside the shower/toilet area.  The cabinet built below the sink made it seem more home like and I LOVE the sconces on either side of the mirror here.


Here’s the rest of the bathroom with the shower.  There were two sinks–very nice! I admire the tile work on the wall; it’s detailed without being too busy.


Across from the shower and sink–I wanted to illustrate how roomy that bathroom was.


I didn’t get a shot of the outside of the resort.  We really didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, (enough to spend the night and for me to get a massage the next day, and Cliff played a round of golf the day before but I wasn’t there,) so I only got pictures of our room.  Overall, this place was spectacular and I’m jealous of any bride who gets the pleasure of getting married here.  (Yes, they host weddings—beautiful weddings!)

The customer service was spectacular and I’ve told Cliff that we must go back again at some point!