Have you ever heard of “Wordle?”  It’s an online free word cloud generator.  It is great, fantastic!  However, there is one little issue with it, the only way to save is to take a screen shot of the thing.  [insert boos and hisses here.]

Well, allow me to introduce an even better than Wordle word cloud generator…..Tagxedo!

Tagxedo allow you to pull words from websites or text documents, and you can add in your own text and put it into a variety of shapes, and change the colors, fonts, etc.  The best part about Tagxedo….you can SAVE IT, EMBED IT, PRINT IT, etc!  Isn’t that great!?!?

Here’s an example of my word cloud made from my blog:


Here are some great ideas you can use for Tagxedo:
1. Display vocabulary words for a particular subject.
2. Create amazing word art you can print out and display in your home.  (Think kids’ rooms, specific rooms, etc.)
3. Use as an ice breaker for a presentation
4. Use it for blog decoration!
5. Use it to put on a card for how you think about someone, (ie: Valentine’s Day.) 🙂
This is a great tool that is FREE for teachers, parents, and students alike!