This weekend after an exciting time at my convention, Cliff and I picked up a new addition to our family—a beautiful black and gray schnorkie that we named “Pearl.”

Christy and Pearl

She is super sweet and has quite a bit of energy. So far, her and Holly have been getting along quite well, although I think Holly is just a tiny bit jealous.

Pearl standing against the seat.

Pearl is a sister of Holly’s, just two years apart.  They both have the same father and mother and they make beautiful puppies together. 🙂

Pearl loving on Cliff

Here’s Pearl loving on Cliff. He was trying to comb the grass out of her hair when she started climbing him like a tree and licking all over his face and loving on him.  SO SWEET!

Pearl is named because of her significant birthday, which is December 7th.  Since I’m a HUGE fan of studying World War II, I thought Pearl would be the perfect name, and Cliff could not come up with anything better so the name stuck. 🙂