This last weekend after facing crazy amounts of ice and snow (for North Texas,) I had the pleasure of taking advantage of what snow was left on the ground and did a little mini photo session for the Jackson brothers.


Kameel is currently a senior, getting ready to go play for the University of Oklahoma in the fall, while Kenzee is currently playing football and attending Texas A&M Commerce. At first glance, I thought these two looked like twins, especially when they had matching haircuts, but now after to getting to know each of them more, I see they clearly each have their own features. 🙂

Jackson diptych2

We ventured out to an area of downtown Mansfield that was near the railroad tracks and shot a few pictures before the sun went down.


Jackson diptych1

We actually were fortunate enough to get shots of a train going by behind them for part of the shoot!


(although it terrified me when Meel came up with the idea to get close to the train….NO! WE DON’T PLAY WITH TRAINS!)


All in all, it was a great time and I look forward to taking some senior photos for Kameel as we get closer to spring!