If you did not know that DFW had some crazy winter weather last week that closed down businesses and schools for four days by now, you must have been living under a rock. It was all over the news, but mainly because the Super Bowl was happening later in the week. It is still hard to believe and I find it so ironic that one of the worst winter storms came around in decades to balmy North Texas the week of the Super Bowl. It was almost comical how people were becoming upset and wanted to blame Jerry Jones as if he had any control over the weather. 🙂

The ice on the roads would just not melt, and to add to it, we had snow on Friday, causing us to miss four days of school last week. I definitely enjoyed my time at home, but I would be lying if I said I did not ever get a touch of the cabin fever.
Friday afternoon we got out and about to take some photos. Did I mention I love my husband for driving me around so I could take pictures of the beautiful snow?

winter storyboard

Holly had some fun in the snow as well.  She is so fun to watch in these unusual environments, and we get to add to the fun by picking up her sister this weekend!


I love this one of her shaking off the snow.

We are supposed to see more snow, ice, and sleet arrive over night and in the morning, just as I am planning to leave for Austin for the Texas Computer Educator’s Association Conference.  Here’s to hoping we still get to go to the conference tomorrow!