It only took me a few months to actually find fabric and actually DO the re-do, but I wanted to wait until we were in the house where I had a garage to do the work in and I didn’t want anything to get messed up during the move.

We found these chairs on the side of the road, set out for trash in our real estate agent’s neighborhood. (Ironic, I know!)  The chairs were in pretty good shape overall, but needed to be re-finished.  The finish itself was wearing off and the upholstery was old, tired, and dingy, but they were made of hardwood and anything of hardwood can be sanded down and re-painted.

Here’s the chairs in their beginning state in our old apartment:

Dining chairs before

Looking pretty gross--somewhat like the picture quality!

Here is what the chairs look like afterward, (I still need to spray a coat of Scotch Guard on them though.)

chairs after

Not bad for about $7 in fabric, some $12 paint and a little elbow grease right? Now we have four chairs to be used around the house!