I couldn’t help but do a post about this guy.  Jamal is a student at my school, (he has officially graduated early because he is going to college this semester to do spring training.)

Right now I’m watching him participate in the Under Armour High School All American Bowl Game on the white team, number 3.  Jamal is our varsity football quarterback and has been widely recruited across the country to play football beginning next year.  Jamal decided to go to Nebraska after much consideration, and needless to say, we are all excited about his new journey he is about to begin.  (Looks like I’m going to become a Husker fan next year, along with a *cringe* Sooner fan as well…but that is for a later explanation, and another kid.)

Now, I normally would hesitate to post his picture on here as well as his last name, but seeing has how if you click on the links above you’ll find out his last name, where he’s going to college, and you could probably even find out his weight, I don’t think a post commending him on his achievements is going to hurt.


Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to take some pictures for Jamal for our homecoming court portraits, so I decided to post a couple of the shots here tonight in honor of good luck to him and his game.


One of the incredible features about Jamal is learning of how he has overcome loss and hardship throughout a lot of his life already.  The first week of school, he tragically lost his mother.  I admire Jamal for his motivation to keep going; he actually played in the game the next night because “because it’s what my mom would have wanted.” All this after loosing an older brother just a couple of years before. 


He is strong, has perseverance, and a talented athlete.  I wish him the best of luck throughout the rest of his life!