I just started a series of shoots that I have been looking forward to for about seven months now. 

One day in February, (I can’t remember exactly which date it was,) we met Ben, Jenn, David, and Tricia at Outback Steakhouse in Arlington.  There, Ben and Jenn announced they were expecting their first child in September. This is the first grandchild of the David & Tricia Carpenter family—and we are all so excited!

Immediately, I was looking forward to hopefully taking some pictures for my wonderful brother in law and sister in law.  Today I was able to take some maternity photos for Ben and Jenn after we all recovered from a belated birthday lunch for Jenn and me at Joe T. Garcias in Ft. Worth.

We went to Katherine Rose Park in Mansfield, where we found out that earlier in the week, the park pretty much flooded from the sudden gush of rain that hit us and flooded a lot of the area.  Fortunately, the area was not so badly damaged that we could not get some good shots.

Here are a few good ones from today’s session:



One Jenn was really looking forward to was the hands in a heart on the tummy—so we had to make sure and get that one. 😉 I think it turned out quite nicely in b&w.IMG_9549bw   IMG_9585-2-2 

It is hard to believe that little Zoey will be here before we know it. My husband will officially be an uncle, and family gatherings will be a little different—definitely in a good way! Our family will be a little more complete with a new generation represented!