Well, I have not left the house much, other than to go to physical therapy or to the doctor, with the occasional trip to El Fenix, so there is not much going on around here at the moment.  I just keep sitting around and relaxing and doing my knee exercises in hopes that I’m actually getting better with this whole knee surgery thing.  The most eventful thing this week happened on Friday when I got the staples out of my knee, which allowed me to finally take a full fledged shower on Saturday, my first since my surgery. (Thank goodness, I was SO ready for that shower.)

Thankfully, my sister came this past week to help me out some and drive me to doctors appointments. Her help was greatly appreciated. 

Since I’m not doing much but sitting on my tail these days, I haven’t really bothered to take many pictures, except of my hideous knee, and I can only get away with so many of those.

However, I did find this image in a folder of random summer images taken last month during our trash the dress session in Dallas.  It is of the iconic Dallas Pegasus.