While I am laid up in bed with my right knee lays up on a mountain of pillows and my dog is at my feet guarding my handicap, I keep trying to amuse myself. So, this has given me the chance to dig through some photos I’ve taken this summer and in the midst, I came across some more photos from Trash the Dress that I thought I’d share with you.

This first image I love, but I couldn’t figure out which edit treatment I liked best with it, so I am presenting two options.

DFWphotographerkisses Next we have a shot of our fabulous smugmuggers getting some last shots in at about 10:00 at night! We had so much fun!


Then we could not have done it without our fantastic hair and makeup girls!  Morgan Causey is my friend Sara’s sister, who just graduated from Cosmetology school this summer! She did a wonderful job and is taking new clients, so feel free to contact her if you need a new stylist! Feel free to email her at: morgan.causey@gmail.com



This shoot was so much fun, unfortunately, I am not sure that I’ll be able to go to the next meeting due to my recent surgery. :(  However, my friend Justin will be moving to Dallas soon and when I get back on my feet, he’ll be joining me at the next session. It is so much fun meeting new people!