Today is Monday, not all that eventful.  Just getting ready for my surgery that’s later this week.  I’ll be having ACL reconstruction on my right knee, which sadly means, no photoshoots for a while. (Believe me, this makes me VERY sad.)  However, I should be back at at ‘em in no time.  I will just have to take the rest of the summer pretty easy before I get back into the swing of things.

Today, my friend Sydni and I ventured out to downtown Arlington to scope out a few potential spots for a photo shoot or two.  Have you ever been to downtown Arlington?  It is not very big, but it’s got some cute character.  I think our favorite new church is the First United Methodist Church of Arlington because the architecture is simply, well, FABULOUS! It’s got some gorgeous archways and just so beautiful, plus, not far from there they are renovating the old downtown theater, which is just so cute to me! One of these days, Sydni and I will be able to pull our money together and open a cool downtown studio with an upstairs loft area—it would be so much fun! Some day……

Holly has been hanging out in her box a lot lately, just “chilling.”  Yesterday, I found her just in her box, for about an hour and a half…laying down. I guess she thought I was about to go somewhere or something. Either way, the light was great, so of course I grabbed my camera that I had just put up and snapped a few shots.


 Holly in Her box