This past Saturday was busy, and when I mean busy, I had three different things going on that day.  First thing was first, the I Heart Faces Photo Walk in Dallas.  It all started with me checking the map and website to make sure I knew where to meet. 9:10am at the Starbuck’s off Akard street.  I assumed Woodall Rodgers Freeway had an exit for Akard—I was sure of it.  I was wrong.  Then I felt I knew Dallas well enough that I didn’t need to take a map with me. I was wrong. After driving around and around, searching for a place to park, beating my steering wheel multiple times out of anger because I was twenty minutes late and couldn’t find anyone walking around Akard street with a camera. FINALLY after driving around and closer to Woodall Rodgers, I found a parking lot with a mass amount of women holding cameras and camera bags.  YAY! I found the group! (Pause for breath here.) 

Aside from being late for the group, I had a great time walking around downtown Dallas meeting various people and taking pictures with other enthusiasts. Thanks to my friend Arena, (The Nerd’s Wife) for getting me on board to go on the Photo Walk. I had a blast and got a plethora of pictures!

Shall I share some pictures from the walk?  But of course!

We had some great young ladies as models for our walk.  They were super sweet and loved the camera.

Get your photography on Arena!

Then I met some other people while on our walk throughout downtown:
I met Darius, who was waiting at the lightrail station after hanging out downtown during the morning.  He is super nice and was so nice in fact, he allowed me to take his picture while waiting for the train. 

Then we met Mr. Hobbs, a security officer while downtown.  He and his partner kept us laughing the entire time we interacted with them!  They were such nice gentlemen!  They said they weren’t used to so many people taking their picture. I told them they just need to go tell their wives they were “paparazied” today. 🙂 This image is SOOC by the way.  Not a thing was done to it. (Fill flash really can do wonders for you photography when outside.)

We also met this lady who was a carriage driver for a family who was shooting a video for a girl’s quince birthday.  (Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the girl’s dress, which was awesome in it’s black and hot pink combination.) I did not get a chance to speak to the driver, but her picture came out good just the same.  I like her in her proper traditional attire while checking her iphone. 🙂

The photo walk was a great way to start my summer and my busy day on Saturday. I look forward to doing more I Heart Faces Photo Walks and shooting more with my friend Arena in the future. 🙂