I love things with monograms.  I just like type and fonts in general.  I think that letters are so beautiful, why shouldn’t they be used in our homes and decor?  They are classic and distinguished at the same time.  When Cliff and I got married, I could have plastered our monogram everywhere at the wedding had he let me, matter of fact, we had it as the cake topper and on our invitations.  Now, my obsession with our monogram probably has to do with
a.) I’m a multimedia teacher and fonts are just my thing, and b.) our monogram is all one letter, so it’s uniform, and I like a uniform look.

The monogram posted above is in the same font we had on our invitations and on my wedding planning notebook. (Yes, I had a notebook I put together, and I still have it–can’t bear to take out the contents and throw them away!) In a way, I’m matchy matchy like that.

Well, it’s late and my mind won’t let me sleep, partly because I’m nervous about this house hunting (again) tomorrow, so I’m still up and surfing the web for fun things online.  I also have a couple of friends getting married before too long and I like to get personalized gifts when I can, something that means something.  A monogrammed gift can always be a good idea, you can usually judge by their personality if they will like it or not.  Most people will enjoy that you put thought into the new life these two people are bringing together.  So, here are a few cool gift ideas with monograms.

This gift is a personalized address rubber stamp from Lovetocreatestamps at their Etsy shop. This stamp is only 12.75 when others are definitely more expensive.  The only thing is that it is not self inking, so you have to keep an ink pad on hand, however the beauty of that is you can change the color ink you use for whatever you use the stamp for. (Think, red at Christmas, perhaps purple at Easter, etc.) If you know your couple’s new address this is something that will give them a sense of togetherness, and it will help in the thank you card process as well!

Next there is always the option of ordering some family coasters for your friend’s new family.  Whether it’s two people or fifteen people, you have a family, and these coasters are timeless for friends who are getting married, plus we all use coasters.  These coasters are from ShoopTiles32 at Etsy and they are 15.00 for a set of 4.
Not everyone will like the timeless look, but still a lot of people do.

However, if your friends are a little bit more modern and trendy, these super cute personalized yellow Clover Leaf Coasters are so cool and they come from Swagger gifts. Earlier today when I was scoping out KevinandAmanda.com, I saw that Amanda posted about Swagger gifts and found these coasters that I thought were super cute…which kind of led to the whole monogrammed coaster search on Etsy…

Well, of course you can go with some monogrammed hand towels.  These towels, of course are from Etsy.  I love how they are sleek and modern looking, plus they have the established year on them.  These come in a pack of two by MaureenMakesIt and they run at $25.00 for a pair.

The possibilities are really endless.  There are so many items out there you can choose from, it just might take a little planning ahead.
Some other items I think are cool include the rubberwood cutting board and metal spreader I found on Amazon or this cool monogram bottle topper for wine enthusiasts that runs around 13.99.
Now, can you go too far on the monograms?  OF COURSE!  (Monogrammed toilet paper anyone??)  However, some gifts with initials are still pretty neat.  Happy shopping everyone. I’m going to bed.