Meet Makayla Lynn Alexander.  Isn’t she so peaceful and sweet looking?  Mykayla is the first daughter of my cousin Mandy, and she was born on February 16th of this year in Fort Worth. 

Recently, I went over to visit Mandy, Stephen, and Makayla at their home after they had been home from the hospital for about two weeks.  Makayla slept so well despite the electricity messing up at home and going on and off throughout the day.  (Fortunately, they did get it fixed!) 

Mandy and Stephen were married in 2007, the same year as Cliff and I were, except they got married on June 30th, a few months before we did. Mandy and Stephen met while attending college at Sam Houston State and are both very dedicated to their life in Christ and spreading the Word of God.  I have no doubt that Makayla will be standing right there with them before too long, and I imagine with a super cute smile on her face if she is anything like her mother. 

My grandfather now has as many great grandchildren as he has grandchildren and so far, they are more evenly split–3 boys and 4 girls, much more evenly than the 2 boys and 5 girls with the original grandchildren. 🙂
Well, I’m going to go back to going through my Spring Breakout pictures.  Look out for a post about Baer House, the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in during our visit to Vicksburg!