Currently we are in Vicksburg, Mississippi for our Spring Breakout, 2010.  Today we ventured around the Military Park and took Holly with us.  I think if we could have let her off her leash she would have greatly enjoyed the trip—especially with all the wide open spaces.

Yesterday, on our way in, we stopped at this plantation on the way and took some shots of her in the dafodills.  Isn’t she super cute??  Okay, perhaps I am biased. 🙂 Holly really is my pride an joy, and my photography model who never complains.

Here is a view of the military park in Vicksburg. We stopped about halfway through because I really wanted to see some other things in Vicksburg as well.  It is truly SO BEAUTIFUL here.  I can definitely understand why photographers would come out this way and visit because the park is just outstanding.  It is amazing to see how God created something so beautiful.  I will indeed post more pictures of our Military Park trip once we get home or get to my parents’ house. 

I also had the opportunity to take some natural lighting shots of some of the rooms here at Baer House where we are staying.  It really is a neat home and has a truly interesting story. I will also have to post some of those pictures later as well.

Well, I’m off to bed, it’s time for some rest.  The last thing I want to be on vacation is tired!