We only have one day left….

Today was pretty much the same.  We had fish for lunch and grilled chicken breast tenders for dinner. 

We looked at two houses today, and showed them to each of our parents.  I’m so thankful our parents are willing to help us out in this house buying process.  They were all able to help us see some things in each of the houses that we previously had not seen.  I think we’ve permanately knocked out the largest house from the mix.  It’s a good floorplan, but we just found all kinds of little cracks in the sheetrock and the baseboards throughout the house.  For someone it will be the right house, but it’s not for us.  The other one we still really like, perhaps even like it more and more.  I’m not sure if it beats out another house we haven’t had a chance to look at again though.  We shall see.

Well, that’s about it for tonight.  Have a good one.