Today I cheated on my diet, err, my body cleanse.

I cheated on it because I ate this:

It’s Snow Ice Cream.  We have had upwards of five inches of snow on the ground today here in DFW.  I have NEVER seen snow like this in Texas in my lifetime.  It was perfect snow, easily packs together. It was great for snow ice cream.  Now how many chances do you ever get to make and eat some great snow ice cream here in North Texas?  The chances are second to none.  So I broke my diet and mixed in some evaporated milk with a little Splenda and vanilla for an afternoon treat. 
Here’s what you need to make Snow Ice Cream
You’ll need snow of course.  Get some fresh–an area that hasn’t been touched.  We have to watch out for yellow doggie snow in our complex. 

Scoop you up some fresh snow in a bowl, Splenda (or a sweetener,) Evaporated Milk, and Vanilla.
Mix in about a 1/2 tablespoon with splenda, a tablespoon or two of vanilla, and a little evaporated milk and mix it all together.  Then you’ve got your snow ice cream!

Like I said earlier, it has been snowing like crazy here in DFW today.  It started in the middle of the night and it’s been snowing all day!!! I had so many kids absent today.  I probably had about 15 absent from two classes.  During all lunches there were lots of snowballs thrown in our school courtyard, but luckily, nothing near as bad as what apparently happened at Skyline High School this afternoon, according to News 8
The snow is the deepest I have ever seen in this part of Texas.  It is so much fun to play in, but it’s definitely all over the road.  It’s supposed to drop down to the upper ’20s as far as temperature tonight, so all the muck will definitely freeze, causing several schools to cancel classes tomorrow, including mine.  YAY NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!! (oh, did I say that too loud??)  
Here’s some images from today:
Here’s the front of Sam Houston High School at around 10:00 am. 
This is how my car greeted me as I went out to the parking lot to leave today.  I was one of the only people left at about 3:45pm. It was so clean and not covered this morning when I left home.  I guess that’s over. 
Holly and Cliff were out this afternoon when I got home.  Holly loved the snow. 
Hey you super cute dog!
Just sniffin’ around, lookin’ for some smells…
Cliff had to muzzle her a little bit when she would not quit barking at a super cute bull dog out and about with his owners. 
Well, even though I don’t have school tomorrow, it’s time for bed.  Hope you all have a good evening.