YAY! We made it to day 10!!!  As of tomorrow—we only have to drink one shake per day! 

Thank goodness.

No Zumba tonight.  This allowed for me to do some running of errands after work today. 
…running of errands such as purchasing new workout getup because I don’t really have any long pants that aren’t thick sweatpants. Lucky for me, I found two brand new pairs of pants at Target that I can’t wait to wear. (Matter of fact, I’m breaking a pair in tonight as we speak.) 

Do you know what is so great about these pants….they come petite and long sizes.
Short girls and tall girls alike can understand my enthusiasm on this matter. 
I have never before seen petite sized workout pants, and they have always been too long for me.  So, I end up fraying them because I step on them or I cut them off at the bottom and then they end up too short.  I can’t believe that I found something that fits!
You can see the pants here on the Target website.

Tonight’s dinner was grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli.

Both were good.  We’ve been eating steamed broccoli with almost every evening meal.  Luckily, Cliff and I both liked broccoli before this whole adventure began.  For some strange reason, we didn’t eat broccoli all that often when I was growing up.  I didn’t dislike broccoli, and I don’t recall my father disliking it, so I’m not sure why we didn’t ever eat it.  Maybe my mother did not like broccoli. 
Who knows, at least I eat it now.  It does a body good, almost like milk.

Ah milk…..how do I miss thee.  In a little over a week I’ll be able to sample some wonderful milk and other dairy products once again. 

Well, that’s it for tonight.  Until next time…