First and Foremost.  If you are trying to read this blog in Internet Explorer, I apologise.  For some reason, the background is not showing up and therefore, you can’t see the white text.  I’ve gone through the code and can’t seem to find the right spot to fix it.  I have submitted a question to Blogger to see if I can get some sort of answer, we’ll see if I can’t get a fix soon.  The blog does display fine though in Firefox or Safari.  Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m working on it.

Okay, now on to the Body Makeover

I think I need to start taking the Apple Cider Vinegar….and if you’ve read the post from day 3, you can figure out why.

Still drinking LOTS of water.
Tonight I had baked whitefish from Black Eyed Pea—they looked at us funny when we requested no bread and no rice with our meal.  It was difficult to pick veggies to go with the meal as well.  Only broccoli and carrots–or the squash casserole were allowed. 

Man, I can’t wait to eat bread again—-oh my goodness. 
Presidents’ Day is going to be a feast day for us—-we’re probably going to make ourselves sick on all the food we’ll eat.  I’m going to start my day with waffles. I’m sure there will be some peach cobbler thrown in there somewhere as well.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it last night, but we have started taking Fish Oil Tablets as well.  It is supposed to help you sleep better and help clean out your system.  My grandmother tried to get us to start taking Fish Oil tablets months ago and now her wish has come true.

Till Tomorrow—-I’m so glad it will be Friday—but I really wish it was Saturday already.