For 21 days we will not see dairy, caffene, or sugary good stuff enter our bodies here in the Carpenter household.  For 21 days we will not eat beef (yikes!) and mostly eat veggies, chicken, and fish.  How will my husband survive?  I already eat more of this stuff than he does–that’s why I’m more concerned about him.  However, he has more will power than I do. (Yes, I can admit it.) 

Tomorrow we begin the 21 Day Body Makeover.  (Finally!)  After Cliff has been on anti-biotics for the last three weeks or so, we will finally be able to begin our New Year’s Challenge.  Cliff and I both have lost metabolism over the last couple of years and are downright happy, so we’ve gotten fatter than we should be.  I will say we could both be worse, but we could be a lot better, so we’ve decided to take the step to do this program so hopefully it can jump start us loosing weight. I think we need to do before and after pictures–in the event this actually works.  I’ll be exercising with Zumba three times a week for an hour so hopefully it will really help.  If this doesn’t get the results I want–I’m going to Weight Watchers after this.  I want to be back in decent swimsuit mode by the time my birthday rolls around in July. (That’s a lofty goal, but I think I can do it.)

My plan is to write every day, even if it is just a little bit about our experience.  That way, if anyone needs info. about the experience–well, it’s out there then. 

It is entirely too late, and hopefully my husband has stopped snoring by now, so maybe I can get some sleep.

Goodnight web world. Until tomorrow….err later today.