Well, two more days of this week and those are exam days.  They will be busy yet more relaxed at the same time.  All I have to do is give out an exam, yet I have to grade all 120 some odd of them and have the grades in by 3pm on Friday.  I’m SO. READY. FOR. THIS. WEEK. TO. BE. OVER!!!!
I’m not quite sure why I’m so ready for it to be over, but I am.  I’m ready for the weekend and some time to sleep and rest.

I met with Richard and Terrie tonight for dinner and dropped off some Taco Soup for them to eat, and Terrie informed me when Lexi will be having her open heart surgery.  The surgery will be Monday morning.  Luckily, I will be off that day for MLK so I will be able to go up to the hospital for the surgery without having to take off from work.  I’m relieved.  I could probably use some time at home to take care of business here, but it’s important to be with my bestie during her time of need. Ugh, I just said “bestie” –what am I coming to? 

On to decisions—Well, we are in the process of beginning to look at houses in hopes of moving in something by mid May or so.  After looking around some, we’ve somewhat began to look and consider other options.  (Cringing)–We’re even considering building a new house with a neighborhood builder.  You know, one of those builders that claims to be “custom” when they’re really just another track home with the garage on the front and you pick from about 6 different floor plans and options for tile, carpet, counter tops, etc. and you have no choice on the fixtures and whatnot??  Yeah one of those “custom” builders.  I’m okay with the idea of track homes, but don’t call yourself custom when you really aren’t.  I guess my idea of custom is a little different.  BUT ANYWAY–back to the subject.  Are we actually considering this??  We’ve only been married two years!! Are we ready to take on that type of marital pressure?  Apparently, if a couple can survive building a house together, they can survive anything.  My biggest thing is that I want it to really make financial sense.  Will the expense be worth it?  I don’t know!  Sometimes I wish I had someone to make my decisions for me.  I’m sure I’m worrying about this too much—perhaps it will help to write it out.  Most of my posts aren’t quite so eliquent because I have so many thoughts and my mind is working so fast that it is all my fingers can do to keep up with how fast my thoughts are working in my head.  Please forgive my random and loosely strained together thoughts. 

Have a good night!