After reading a tutorial in Digital Photography School of How to Batch Resize in Photoshop, I wondered if the same capabilities existed in Fireworks 8, and sure enough the capabilities are there, so I went through the process and decided to post it in a tutorial here.

I have always wondered how some bloggers, and more specifically, photographers seem to be able to resize so many pictures for the web without it taking FOREVER to do–which can make the blogging process, well, tedious and almost makes you want to not post pictures because the process can take too much time if you want to post several pictures.

In this tutorial, I’ll map out the process on how to resize images for the web according to the dimensions I’ve pre-determined to fit into my frame I’ve created, you might want to specifically resize them for some other use.

Here it goes:

How To: Run a Batch Process in Fireworks 8 to resize a whole folder of images:
1. Go up to File, and select “Batch Process…”

2.       Go to your folder location(s) of your images to select the images and then click “Add” to add them to your files to be changed.  (You can select images from multiple folders, which I think is GREAT.)
Hint: I used shift+click to select all the files in one folder, or to pick a bulk of images in one folder.
3.       Once you have added your files, click the “Next” button.


4.       From this you can select multiple functions to run and you can even choose from all of your commands you have either created or that pre-exist in Fireworks, such as “Grey-Scale.” In this case we want to just scale the pictures down, so select “Scale” and then “Add” to include it in the batch.

5.       Change your options at the bottom.  I want my images to be web ready, and I figured the happy percentage figure is 11.3%, so I am going to choose: “Scale to Percentage” and type in “11.3%.” 

6.       When you are finished, click “Next.”

7.       Here you can select the location the files will be saved to.  Just to be absolutely safe, and because I am ultra organized, I always create a new file.  So, choose “Custom location” and click “Browse” to bring up your folders.  Make your way to your file location (you might have to go to “My Computer” first.) Double click on the folder itself as if you are going into the folder to select the whole folder.

8.       Click “open” to select the folder.

9.       Click “Batch” 


Your files will Batch and now you’re done!  When it is finished batching, just click “OK”