Whew, November is over already and now I’m facing freezing weather…where did Fall go? Where are you my favorite season of the year? Now I’m wearing gloves and a coat on December 3rd! Which, if you are from this part of Texas, you understand what I’m saying. We aren’t used to this cold of temperatures and snow this time of year. We’re used to cooling off, but not quite this much cooling off. Oh well, at least it isn’t 100 degrees or -17 outside.

I must admit, I’m pretty proud of myself though. I finally figured out how to construct my own Fireworks Commands, for you Photoshop groupies out there it’s basically the same thing as Photoshop Actions. This will make my life much easier when it comes to preparing images for the web and also for editing. I look forward to developing my knowledge of Fireworks because I see there are far less tutorials available for using the program available on the internet. I understand that Photoshop is the dominant tool, and I wish I had it as well; but part of the reason people still flock to using photoshop vs. Fireworks these days is partly because there are so many extra tools available online developed by its users, especially actions.

Perhaps before too long I can develop a tutorial and post it here if anyone decided to meander on this blog and desire a use for Fireworks commands….we’ll see.