Well, even though I enjoy creating graphics–I’m definitely not the best and I have more things to do during the day sometimes besides creating new graphics…..SO if someone is giving something away from free and I like it—why not?

Well, during some time today while downloading textures to use for my kids when we begin to do more photo editing stuff in Fireworks next six weeks, I ran across this free blog header from Coffee Shop Press and I liked it—so I used it!

This woman is great! She creates these Photoshop Elements Actions (that I can’t use because my version is too old….BOO!) but she also has textures that she provides as well downloads including, blog headers.

Well, I love green and I love a good Damask pattern so I couldn’t refuse, and I grabbed it up and added my stuff in, including my fonts.

If you like it, great! If not…..well, I guess you’ll have to get over it, or just don’t look at it.

Yes, I was looking for textures today to download for my students, and we are going to do Fireworks before Flash this year and I’m SO EXCITED! I say this, because honestly, I love Fireworks more than Flash, and I see this as a more reasonable transition; plus I’d like to better relate Photoshop Elements and Fireworks in my classroom. I guess if it doesn’t work out I can change it back next year right? I’m looking forward to trying some new and more challenging things out with my students. I also want them to design their potential graduation invitations well before time to order in the event they decide they want to use them–that is if they are seniors. This year we are going to design our own Holiday Cards before the holidays…yippee! Yeah, I know I get all excited about these things, but hey, it’s what I do.

Later this week we are finishing up a Fashion Show project and we’re going to have a Fashion Show presentation at the end of the week. Computers will be off for the day, christmas lights will be lit, and popcorn will be served. I hope it all works out alright—my kids know this is coming and that if they screw it up….no more presentation days with food in my classroom, which is a real treat.

Back to the world of photography though. Like I said last week, November is just as or even more busy than October…..but it’s going to be photography wise. Every weekend but this next I have something, however I might be doing a Christmas Card shoot, so that makes me excited! I was asked to do the shoot this past weekend and it will be the third time this couple has used me for photography—YAY! I’m getting re-used for photography! That makes me uber-excited. Yes, these people are also my friends, but they like my photography enough to use me three times—that just makes my day! 🙂

Last week, I finished up my Digital Photography II class at UTA. The week before that we went out to Cedar Hill State Park and shot sunsets. I never was super excited before about shooting sunsets but after my results, I am pretty pleased, and look forward to doing more. I soooooo look forward to going to Degray Resort next summer during my birthday to spend some time on the lake. Hopefully I’ll be spending one evening out on the lake on a barge and shooting some sunsets.
Here’s one of my “Blue Sunsets” created by having my White Balance on Flourescent.