Well, right now I’m sitting at my brother in law, and sister in law’s house just about a mile down the road from our apartment. Ben and Cliff are watching a movie while Jenn has been getting stuff ready for her booth at the Mansfield Pecan Festival tomorrow. Earlier this evening we labeled and shrink wrapped sugar scrubs, solid perfumes, and cutical balms for tomorrow. If you happen to be in the Mansfield area this weekend, definitely check out the Pecan Festival and most certainly check out Jenn’s soaping booth, called Bohemian Rose Soaping co. at booth #169. Jenn makes fantastic soaps, solid perfumes, luxurious sugar scrubs, cutical balm, and fantastic lip balms!

This evening I plan on taking home a sugar scrub of Lavender Mint—it’s purely relaxing! Also, check out her seasonal soap bar called “Autumn Afternoon” which is pretty much my all time favorite. I can’t get enough of that fantastic clean scent! I keep a bar of it at my kitchen sink.
I would say my three favorite lip balms would be the following: Chai Tea, Pele (which reminds me of a luscious pineapple,) and Red Current–which also comes in a soap bar as well. I say there are three favorites because it would be so hard to pick just one!
My mother personally loves using the Oatmeal Milk & Honey–and uses it as her facial soap.
Jenn also has quite a setup for her web business too! She can ship all over the world..so even if you are out a ways from the DFW area check her out!
Okay, I’m out–‘Till Next Time!