Well, it is about time that I did it; I’m going through a transformation phase with my photography.

I am FINALLY taking an official photography class through UTA’s Continuing Education courses and one of my goals this summer was to set up an official website. If I really wanted to portray that I was serious about photography and turning it into something for myself, I really needed to set up a real website. I have set up my new website, christinaleephoto.com, which led to a new logo design, and a new blog, which is leading to new business cards, and as of today, a new camera strap is in the works. I’ve also had the opportunity to hang out with some of my photographer friends this summer Sydni Thomas and Justin O’Keith Higgs, which has pumped adrenaline into me and has inspired me to become more serious of a photographer. However, I don’t need to quit my day job yet, (I like teaching anyways, so I’m okay with that!)

The last two days, Sydni and I have met up in Arlington and have gone over some photography stuff as well as doing some prepping for a wedding that I am helping her with next week, (yay!) Well, Sydni is apparently a blog junkie, and now she’s gotten me into searching through blogs and has inspired me to create my own, which really isn’t a problem for me because I love writing, especially journaling. It really is amazing some of the stuff I have found just this week online.
For example, I have decided to make my own camera strap cover because for one, the strap cuts into my neck, and two I saw one that Sydni has with her name ironed on to it and I thought it was super cute, so in comes the research and creativity. I found some great online instructions for making my own strap through Tidy Mom’s blog. I like her idea of using two different fabrics so I’ve decided to do that as well and add some quilting batting for extra comfort. One thing I would like to do different though is before I actually finish the sewing myself, I want to get this thing embroidered with my logo for an added authentic bonus; I also plan to add a little memory card pocket.

I am also in love with a new lens bag that I have found through photographer Jessica Claire, called the Shootsac. It is compact, hangs over your shoulder, and it is stylish with the variety of covers you can add to it; not to mention it makes it very easy to change your lenses out while shooting an on location event. I already have three camera bags though so I think I’ll have to wait a while on that one. I have other things that would probably take the priority list first.

Well, since this is my first blog entry of my christinaleephoto blog I might as well introduce myself formally.

My name is Christina Carpenter and I am a part time photographer out of Mansfield, Texas, (the DFW metroplex.) During the day, and school year I am a teacher at an Arlington ISD high school where I teach Technology Application classes focusing on Web Design and Multimedia, but I try to sneak in some photography as well.

I got my start well, pretty much from when I was born being around my mother and her Pentax SLR camera. By the time I was in 2nd grade, I had my first point and shoot camera and I remember my dad making comments about how you could easily find me wasting film by taking pictures of tree branches, leaves, and flowers–I truly love being behind a camera, always have, but it started from being in front of my mother’s. My mom has an interest in photography and was interested in picking up pointers and getting into the semi-pro circuit and she passed some information along to me. While in college at East Texas Baptist University, I was a student publications worker on the Martian yearbook staff, where I worked with a great team for three years. During this time, I was able to add to my brief knowledge of photography and composition which led to my photography position the third year. About the spring of 2006, I began drawing interest by some of my fellow students at ETBU for contract hire photography, and before too long, I had several photo shoots throughout the next two years and began shooting weddings in the spring of 2007.

To my delight, my parents have been very supportive of my photography passion and my mother was probably tired of me constantly borrowing her Nikkon D70, so they allowed me to purchase a new DSLR camera of my own for my college graduation–a Canon EOS 30D. I currently still have the 30D and have added to my collection of equipment over the last two years. Most recently, I added a new lens to the collection which is the Canon EFS 18-200 mm F/3.5- 5.6 thanks to the graciousness of my husband and birthday presents. I like this lens because it not only has image stabilization (praise the Lord!) but it allows more light in than my other Sigma lenses and was also great for my recent travel to Chicago. I was able to take just one lens with a variety of zoom available.

Well, that is about it for the first entrance, I think I’ll be lucky if anyone makes it through the entire post! Whew! Time for some rest!

‘Till next time,
Christina Lee